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Kunkujang Keitaya Annexe Nursery School

formerly known as Naata

Kunkujang Keitaya Annexe Nursery School is the new name for our school which was previously called Naata. The school has been successfully handed over to government ownership with a management committee comprising members of the local community from the surrounding area. The school reopened immediately with a new head teacher and the Trust continues to be involved in providing support with maintenance, educational materials, uniforms and nutritious free school meals. 

We have visited the school twice in the 2 weeks following the changeover and the school is operating very well. Eight members of the local community have been appointed to the  new School Management Committee A new head teacher is in post along with 2 new teachers. A syllabus is on display in each classroom with a timetable in the office. We will , of course be monitoring the school's progress

This change forms part of our ongoing strategy to protect the Trust’s long term viability whilst maintaining and improving educational standards and facilitating optimised use of the premises. It will also ensure the aspirations and efforts of all involved with GST again provide free education for Gambian children long into the future."